Sunday, August 20, 2006

A photo!

Here's a photo of the gang from Hawaii taken on August 12. Some of you might be wondering why I hadn't put any pictures on my blog yet. That's because I don't yet have a camera. I figured the best (cheapest?) place to buy a camera is probably Hong Kong, where I'll be going, so why don't I wait 'til I get there to buy one?

This photo is using David Komatsu's camera. I also downgraded the resolution so it wouldn't take forever to load, so any loss of quality is my fault.

From left to right: Daniel Yanai, Mr. Kosziewski (my high school math teacher), Lance, Jay Tamashiro, me, Mrs. Kagan (my high school computer teacher), and David Komatsu. Unless otherwise noted, these are some of my classmates from high school.

Note: I'm blogging several things this evening, so read through several blog entries to see if you got all of them.


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