Saturday, October 07, 2006

Moon festival

This is the Mid-Autumn festival, supposedly the night that is ideal for gazing at the moon. Either that, or that was last night--I don't know which.

People eat moon cakes in recognition of the holiday. They don't taste like cake, per se. They are sweet--kind of. They have a yellow "yolk" in the center and as you eat it, it looks like a moon.

Anyway, I'm not sure whether the moon is supposed to be closest to the earth, or brightest in the sky, but I'm pretty sure you can look this info. up in an astronomical ephemeris, and it won't follow the Chinese lunar calendar. But whatever. Here is a picture of the moon.

For some context, I took a picture through a railing on a nearby building:

Now, doesn't it look brighter or bigger than usual? If not, turn up the contrast on your monitor or get a bigger and brighter monitor. For good measure, copy it onto your desktop and use photoshop to make it bigger and brighter. Now is it bigger or brighter than usual? Good.

Happy mid-Autumn festival!


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