Saturday, December 30, 2006

The problem with posting

Okay, this time I have an excuse for not posting often enough. The internet is broken.

More specifically, that huge earthquake off the southern tip of Taiwan on December 26 seems to have severed 6 of the 7 trunklines of data cables that connect Hong Kong to the outside world. And Blogger seems to be its old slow self, and this combines into making it extremely long to enter a post. Especially with pictures. Sometimes the whole thing crashes. Sometimes I wait forever to get a screen where I can enter another entry. I've tried many times tonight already, and never got this far. I'm going to try now and enter something fast, on the hopes of staying in the window where connectivity is working.

Suffice it to say that next time I go to Thailand, I won't really bother with Bangkok--the 2 days I spent there was enough. But I will try to spend a few weeks in Chiang Mai and especially in the surrounding areas.

I'm leaving Hong Kong on January 1, arriving in Los Angeles over an hour before I left! Well, not really, of course--but it looks like it based on the airline ticket, because of the time difference.

I'll probably do my next post from the states, where I have more internet stability.


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