Wednesday, November 15, 2006

So THAT'S why the Beijing dogs are small

A blurb in the South China Morning Post today (Wed. Nov. 15):

"The Beijing municipal government issued a circular last week outlining a ban on dogs taller than 35 cm in nine central districts and limiting ownership to one dog per household. Reports and photos documenting seizures and gruesome killings of dogs by police have been circulating over the internet in the past few days. Up to 500 dog owners staged a violent demonstration at Beijing Zoo at the weekend against the measures."

Apparently the regulations have been in place for awhile, but the authorities are now "seeking to persuade" owners to comply. Protesters claim the crackdown has been quite severe.

We did notice that the dogs in Beijing were typically very small. Though it was also clear that a few people were not abiding by the one-dog policy.

The article ends with the following quote by Bao Suixian, deputy head of the Public Security Management Bureau:

"Authorities everywhere are pushing standard behaviour for raising dogs, and I think this programme still needs to be carried out in accordance with the law, scientifically and orderly."

uh... standard behaviour for raising dogs?


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