Sunday, January 07, 2007

Conference in New Orleans

I've been at a math conference in New Orleans.

I haven't really had time to go see the city much. We're in the French Quarter, which was never really hit particularly hard. But there are tours to the other areas. I didn't go. Around here there has been some visible damage, but most of it is back up and running. The other areas are still without electricity.

The talks here have been really interesting. I've also unexpectedly run into people I've met before. And people I met before but they remembered me more than I remembered them.

Just got through judging an undergraduate poster session. Quite a wide range, from very impressive to pretty good. In each case, I think the students really got a lot out of it.

I also went to the talks sponsored by the Philosophy of Math group, which I'm an officer of. Quite a wide range of ideas there too.

One of my colleagues got food poisoning, so he's recovering in my room. We check out in about an hour and head to the airport back to LA tonight.


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