Thursday, November 16, 2006

Ocean Park

Ocean Park is an amusement park on Hong Kong Island, but it's like a combination of Six Flags, Seaworld, Monterey Bay Aquarium, the zoo, a local haunted house, and a country fair.

It's got a few roller coasters, a log ride, a dolphin show, a couple of pandas, an aviary, a shark tank, and a gondola that connects the two parts of the park.

The last two pictures here come with commentary. First, there are opportunities to take pictures everywhere. Not only on the skyway, or on the log ride just as everyone is getting wet, but also in the aquarium. Professional photos. Just stand here by this blue screen. Will just take a few minutes, and by the time you are leaving we will be willing to sell you many copies of you standing in front of a picture of fish.

The other thing is the food. Pretty standard carnival-style stuff, really, except since this is Hong Kong, you have to have seafood. Here's Mr. Squid. This is the one next to Raging River (the log ride). It was closed when I took this picture, but normally you get seafood here.

Incidentally, the aquarium had a neat collection of seahorses. It had helpful signs describing their weird life (the male is the one who carries the eggs, for instance) and signs directing you as to how to help preserve this wonder. It doesn't say not to eat it. It says to "minimize your intake" of seahorse to times when you need it medically. Minimize your intake of seahorses. Really.


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