Saturday, June 11, 2011

Going to Brazil

I haven't updated this blog for a number of years, but I figured this would be a convenient way to share with my friends and family what is going on with the mission trip to Brazil.

Unfortunately I won't be able to update this blog while I'm on the Amazon--there's no internet access--but I'll post a few things beforehand and maybe while we're in Manaus I'll find a way to update it, but most of the updating will be when I get back home.

First, what the trip is: This is a mission trip with my church, Malibu Presbyterian Church, to support the work in the Amazon by Manaus Presbyterian Church, located in Manaus, the capital of the Amazonas region of Brazil. They send medical missions up and down the Amazon river to villages that are mainly only accessible by boat. Our role is to support and encourage that mission by joining one of these boats, helping with medical work, help run what needs to happen on the boat, work with locals on what they need, sharing our lives with them, doing a Bible program for kids, and in general, help with whatever the regular year-round team needs to do their work.

We leave this evening. More specifically, I leave for the airport this evening, and our flight leaves at 2 a.m. from LAX, connecting in Panama City, to Manaus. We'll arrive at 4:17 p.m. local time (I think it's 4 hours ahead of us, considering we're on daylight savings and they're not) and go to their evening church service. Monday through Friday we'll be on the river. Saturday and Sunday we'll be in Manaus, and Monday early in the morning we leave for Panama, where we take a tour and leave for home.

Here is our team, mostly (photo taken at a group meeting at Gary's house this past Sunday):
From left to right: Gary Isbell, his daughter Haley Isbell, Nicole Schussel, Brett Schussel, John Lawrence, Kevin Iga, Tim Jones. Not pictured: Jonathan Fast, who is Tim's friend from somewhere else, who will be flying into LA today and meet us at LAX.


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