Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The boat

Someone thought that the boat featured in an earlier post was the boat we were on. No, we were on a much larger boat, the J. J. Mesquite, with two stories (not counting the roof) and about 10 cabins or so. It had recently been refurbished, and this was the second time the boat had been used since then. I don't have a picture of the whole boat but here are some parts. First, one of the hallways on the second story:

Here's the main common room, where we eat and hang out:

Then the place where the captain steers the ship. The captain, Capitão Rai (pronounced "hi"), is on the far left:

Edit: Blogger is having trouble loading this picture for now. I'll add it later.

The schedule on a typical day. The actual times vary quite a bit depending on the situation.

6:00 am: they turn off the AC in the rooms. This is enough to get most people up in the next 30 minutes.
7:00 am: Form a bucket brigade in the common room to bring the food from the kitchen (downstairs) up to the tables. Grace, and then breakfast. Two people clean dishes (rotates among everyone in the boat)
8:00 am: Group worship time
9:30 am: Start duties: Medical team starts seeing patients, Vacation Bible School starts for kids, teams go to visit homes
11:30 am: Return to the boat. Same routine as breakfast, for lunch.
12:30 pm: siesta
2:00 pm: Second round of duties (medical, VBS, house visits)
4:00 pm: Soccer with the locals
5:30 pm: Return to the boat, dinner (same routine as in Breakfast, lunch)
6:30 pm: Devotional
7:30 pm: Hang out, play cards, watch the stars, chat about life
10:00 pm: Most people go to bed by now


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