Friday, June 24, 2011

What we did

We started in Manaus (the capital of Amazonas) and together with Manaus Presbyterian Church went on a boat to various villages along the Amazon river.

I mainly worked with the kids, helping teach Bible lessons. Here's a school in one of the villages:

Here is Ketyb (one of the translators from Manaus) running the Bible school in our first village, São Felix:

Here are some kids after class. They're playing with balloons they received at the end of class.

Boats are the main mode of transportation to and from the village:

Besides Bible school, there was providing medical care (I didn't do this so I don't have pictures) and visiting homes (often lay leaders of the local village church and the sick). We also had worship services, prayed for villagers, and shared our testimonies. But mainly we were there in union with the Christian community in the villages.

More later about the boat and the Amazon.


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